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Cleaning the attic be yourself

Is it doable? A course of action + valuable tips

House maintenance can be a laboring task, and more often than not — a costly one as well. However, in some circumstances, you may take some measures and get ahead of the problems by cleaning the attic and preparing it for the winter by yourself.

First, we should understand the task at hand. Why do we need to clean the attic?

  • To avoid infestation and creating a favorable environment for insects, rodents, and other unwanted “residents” of our house.
  • To create clean air without unwanted smells.
  • Allowing to use the attic as an integral part of the house, for storage or some activities
  • Making sure the house is leakage-free and ready to withstand the pouring rain of the winter, or worse.

Based on the tasks in hand, we may begin to form the course of the action.

Here are some tips to make your work easier:

  • Make sure that all family members are helping and participating
  • Have a look at the strong cleaners at the local department store
  • Be vigilant and thorough
  • Make sure that you have proper insulation installed on your attic and roof — because, without it, all your hard work will be wasted.
Make sure everyone helps with the cleaning!

Please note — cleaning the attic without the help of professionals is possible only if your house is proper and safe for getting around it.

Another important tip is to do it regularly. The clatter tends to expand. So if you make a habit of cleaning the attic as a part of your weekly or monthly cleaning routine, you’ll find it easier to prevent any serious problems. Plus, the work itself will be less grueling.

How to clean your attic?

First, you need to sort everything you have up there — to make sure there’s nothing spoiled, moldy, or rotten. Afterward, take the time to vacuum the area and create a pleasant environment, even if it’s just a storage place for the whole family.

Once a season, make sure to place protection against rodents and insects of all types, especially if that’s a common problem in your area.

When can’t you do that on your own?

Enthusiasm and thoroughness can only get you so far. Every so often, there’s no proper insulation set in the attic and house in general. Or, there was significant damage caused to the house, and the attic shows signs of decay — it is essential to stop the degradation process before it becomes a danger to you and your entire household.

A specialized inspection service can help you map out the problems you need to take care of and sort them out by urgency. Remember that in-between seasons are the best time to ensure your house’s insulation and overall safety whenever you decide to take care of business.

Sometimes a professional help is a must

And if you prefer to leave the tasks for professionals who will also make sure that the insulation is intact, along with your ventilation and duct systems — contact ProAttic now and get one task crossed from your bucket list!