To store or not to store? The full guide to sorting out the best items to store in the attic - and those you absolutely cannot leave there unattended.

Attic storage guide – things you should and shouldn’t store in your attic

Storage place is a very crucial topic for many of us — and that’s totally understandable! We all have much stuff we need to put away but don’t have the heart to simply throw it away.

However, it is important to remember that the attic has its functionality and specific conditions in terms of humidity, temperatures, accessibility. It is also needed to be vented and relatively clean to help your insulation contractor do the best job possible when he shows up for your annual inspection.

So, since it’s fall time, and you may prepare your whole house for the Holidays and winter in general, here are the things you may and may not keep in your attic. It’ll be for the best for the items themselves, as well as for keeping your attic warm, dry and cozy for all year long.

Things that should not be in the attic

Photo albums – if you cherish these memories, better keep them in a dryer location downstairs. The spikes of humidity can destroy the films and printed pictures for good.

Documents and books – these items are as susceptible to be destroyed by the humidity and temperature changes as photos. Moreover, sometimes despite all the best efforts of the insulators, some leakages may occur anyway, and anything that is stored will be endangered.

Clothing -­ the attic is far from ideal for storing clothes. They may acquire an unpleasant damp smell or even molding. The same goes for leather products, even the finest materials need to be stored at cool and controlled temperature, which is not something an attic can provide.

Electronics – humidity, and changes in temperature aren’t friends with the electrical components either, and it can be even dangerous if you’d try to plug-in devices that had been exposed to uncontrolled heat and humidity.

Cans of food – the fluctuations in temperature may harm the vacuum of any canned good and compromise the quality of food. So it’s not a good idea to use the attic as an additional pantry.

And as an extension of these recommendations, avoid having wooden furniture (since wood retains fluids), cardboard boxes, and any other fire hazard items.

Things that are perfectly fine to store up there

As a thumb rule — make sure not to put anything highly important or valuable in the attic, just in case. Things that can be safely stored in any environment are those that are supposed to sustain heat, like pans and pots or any kinds of dishes, various seasonal decorations that are supposed to withstand outdoor conditions.

Taking all of this into account, you may plan your storage in the safest and most reasonable way, so no space got wasted, but nothing won’t be damaged or destroyed during unexpected weathers conditions.

So now it’s the time to sort out everything you’ve put away and make sure you only store the suitable items in your attic, it’s time to make sure that the “hardware” is functional. And that’s when ProAttic enters the picture!

Don’t hesitate to contact us for an inspection and make an appointment before the blizzard kicks in!

To store or not to store? The full guide to sorting out the best items to store in the attic – and those you absolutely cannot leave there unattended.