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Common Houston HVAC Repair Issues

In this blog entry, the Houston HVAC system cleaning and Houston ductwork repair service experts here at ProAttic Houston will detail the most common HVAC issues that our expert HVAC repair team handles at homes and businesses alike.

Dirty Air Filters

Dirty air filters are probably the most common issue that affects HVAC system performance, and it can be very easily fixed. Have your HVAC filter professionally cleaned or changed regularly – more frequently depending on your local air quality and the presence of pets. Are you trying to decide what air filter you should use? Look up the MERV ratings – the higher the MERV rating, the more filtration power it will have.

Dirty Coils

Heat pump or air conditioner HVAC evaporator coils are essential for proper heating and cooling operation – and if your HVAC unit has a dirty coil, it will be rendered far less efficient. Dirty evaporator coils on exterior HVAC units can be cleaned with hose – and interior ductwork coils can be cleaned by a professional HVAC cleaning service team.

Refrigerant Leaking

Air conditioning in HVAC systems rely on refrigerant chemicals sto cool down the air. Air conditioners wont properly operate when refrigerant is leaking or refrigerant levels are low. Refrigerant leaks can be caused by coil corrosion, loose installation fitting, refrigerant pipe holes, bent or dented hardware, and much more. The top way to avoid refrigerant leaks is to get professional HVAC system inspection service.

Duct Leakage and Contamination

The inside of air ducts that aren’t visible to the naked eye are often overlooked – and if they have even microscopic leaks, your air conditioner and heating system will have to work much harder to achieve the same goal. The same goes for dirty or blocked ductwork. Make sure to have all of your ducts and registers professionally cleaned and inspected on a regular basis in order to ensure that HVAC systems operate at full, safe capacity – about once a month especially if you live in a very dusty or dirty area, or have any pets.

Clogged Drain Pipes 

If you ever see water puddles near cooling or heating units, it’s likely due to condensation produced as the HVAC system heats or cools household air. Drains are intended to move the condensation out of the ductwork system, but when these drains are clogged, water can pool up, leak, or cause bad odors if you smell a bad odor by your HVAC unit drain, pour some bleach or vinegar into the drain and try cleaning ti with a pipe cleaner or tiny brush. If this doesn’t work – or you’re experiencing regular or hard to fix leaks – contact a professional HVAC system repair team for instant assistance.

Pilot, Ignition, and Thermostat Issues

Ignition problems can cause serious issues with gas furnaces – issues that are, in fact, very dangerous. Blocked gas supplies, dirty pilot lights, or dented hardware can all cause the issue – make sure to contact a professional HVAC diagnostic team to inspect your ignition components for serious issues. Sometimes, improper thermostat instruction input or simply thermostat malfunctioning can cause the temperature in a property to fluctuate as well.

Circuit Breakers

If you constantly need to reset the circuit breaker attached to your HVAC unit, contact a professional HVAC system repair team of resonant assistance. This can be due to dirty air filters – and a professional HVAC system cleaning service might be able to provide you rapid remedies.

Constantly Blowing Motor

If the blower motor on your HVAC unit is running nonstop, it might simply be due to the fan switch being set to ‘On’ settings rather than ‘Auto’ settings. We recommend trying to switch it to ‘Auto’ settings for the most pleasant, energy efficient, and budget-friendly results. However, some other times furnace blower motors can run non stop because of relay issues. If switching the unit to ‘auto’ settings doesn’t fix the issue, contact Proattic Houston for instant assistance.