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Benefits of Humidifiers

In this blog entry, the Houston HVAC system cleaning and Houston ductwork cleaning here at ProAttic Houston will detail some of the benefits that can be provided by humidifiers at your Houston property.

Dehumidifiers and HVAC Systems

HVAC systems utilize ductwork to remove some humidity from the air. However, when humidity is high, HVAC units cannot handle that level of intense humidity, and only provides a small amount of dehumidification in its air cooling function. Humidity will still remain high even when the HVAC system runs constantly. This strains HVAC units in the Summer, as it’s working against high humidity levels to cool down your home. This may make it run longer with worse results, stressing out the equipment and increasing home energy bills. Dehumidifiers work well along with HVAC units to lower strain to the mechanics and provide better cooling results, as well as lowering energy bills.

Humidity and Health

High humidity levels can lower your personal energy, make you much hotter, and even increase airborne allergens like mold and mildew, which can irritate and hurt your lungs and sinuses, causing respiratory issues and lowering sleep quality.  Mold and mildew grow from humidity not only in your air ducts, but also in other hidden areas of your home, causing damage silently when you don’t even know it. Control home humidity by installing a dehumidifier, and always get your Houston air duct systems professionally cleaned.