Benefits of Houston Air Duct Maintenance

In this blog entry, the Houston air duct cleaning service and dryer vent cleaning service team here at ProAttic Houston will detail the main benefits of air duct maintenance service.

Reducing Cost with Air Duct Maintenance

Air duct maintenance can greatly reduce energy costs. It’s essential that all components of air ducts are inspected. Some of these components include the thermostat, compressor condenser coils, heat pumps, gas furnaces, cooling systems, heaters, and air filters. 

HVAC preventative maintenance lowers the need for air duct repairs. When your air duct system is properly operating, it will consume a minimum of energy. Any potential system issues will be easy to spot and repair before they become bigger issues. The United States Department of Energy estimates that you can save nearly 30 percent on energy bills after having your air ducts inspected and provided with maintenance services.

Heightened Indoor Air Quality and Environmental Protection

Air duct maintenance improves indoor air quality. This helps you ensure the health of the building’s occupants, at least their respiratory health. Make sure to clean out your entire air duct system, including all mechanics and small parts, as this is essential due to the level of moisture that can accumulate within air duct systems. Heat transfer causes a great deal of condensation in your ductwork. As this condensation gets deposited in the drain pan, it can basically become a breeding ground for bacteria and other microbes that love the warm and dark environment, and then get spread throughout your air. This can cause serious illnesses ranging from Asthma to Leigionnaire’s disease.  

Air duct maintenance also has environmental benefits. It makes your system work much less hard, consuming far less energy, and pumps far less exhaust into the air.