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The beautiful beaches that lie in Houston have attracted many individuals to find a home in this area.

Houston is an area that hosts many beautiful homes and apartments. Also, the driveways, gardens, and parks are also beautiful.
Now, if you are a homeowner who has a home in Houston, it’s time we discuss your air conditioning system.
We have professionals who are experts in installing HVAC systems in homes around Houston.

The HVAC system works by taking in warm air and pulling it over a cooling system. The AC system also has a component that can be adjusted subject to whether you want your home to be cool or warm.

HVAC installation process

The AC unit is an important component in the HVAC system mostly during summer season when the weather starts being soar. Maintaining air quality is important to ensure that comfort and home’s energy efficiency is attained. Our team will help you select a properly sized unit, connect the air conditioner to the central HVAC system, locate the best place to install the AC unit and draft the cost of the entire installation.

Choosing the size of the system

When it comes to selecting the size of your unit, our team will advise you accordingly. 

First, we will check on your home size to determine a unit that will serve it. 
A unit that is too big can deter energy efficiency and can shut before the air goes through the system. 
To avoid such challenges, reach out to Pro Attic for help in choosing the type of AC.

When inspecting your home, we will find out how much heat is absorbed in your living area. 
We use details such as the position of your home in relation to sunlight, the size of windows, and the placement of your doors to determine the size of the system needed.

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Determining the best location for the AC.

Installation of a HVAC system needs keen outlook of the respective home area because they are liable to make some noise. Our technicians will understand the best place to install the unit so as to maintain comfort and peace in your home. The thermostat will be kept indoors away from ducts for accurate reading. 

For cases with existing ductwork, we might make a few changes to ensure the new system works properly. We will place ducts in areas that are hidden such as attic ceilings and closets. We will ensure that all aspects of the HVAC system are installed without having major renovations in the house. 

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My energy bills have reduced dramatically since I hired Pro Attic to help me insulate my attic to conserve energy in my house.

Paul Smith

They upgraded the filtration system to accommodate air filters with near-HEPA performance. I feel good to know that not only are my air ducts clean now

Martha Hoax

For residents of Houston, we are always available to respond to all the questions on HVAC system installation. We therefore urge you to reach us today on our call lines for exemplary services.