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Looking for craswl space cleaning experts in Humble Area?

The energy efficiency in any home around Humble is greatly impacted by whatever happens in the crawl space. Pro Attic is an expert company that deals with cleaning, sealing, and insulating crawl space for homes around Humble, Houston. This kind of investment has in turn saved many residents from the burden of heavy energy bills.

Let us clean your crawl space

Are you a resident of Humble who is always affected with allergies in your home but they cease when you walk out?

Well, the source of your problem is well known to us. You may have realized a musty and moldy odor rising from the floors of your house.
Your crawl space may have become wet moldy. This issue has caused many problems at different homes.
You may experience sagging floors, foul smells and cold floorboards.
In extreme conditions, you may notice your utility bills going high. 

By luck, Pro Attic experts are here to quickly and effectively solve all the crawl space issues for you.

Schedule for cleanup services

Our team can schedule a cleanup service that entails removing debris and rotting materials from the crawl space. We have modern equipment and trained personnel that can handle this task. A vented crawlspace for instance originates around 40% of the air that comes in your home.

Many people unknowingly breathe contaminated air containing mold spores, dust mite waste and other particulate matter. By cleaning your crawl space, we can eliminate a great source of allergens that are harmful to both your health and that of the family.

cleaning air dust

Crawl space cleaning entails the following

Crawl space cleaning requires alit of manual labor. When cleaning your crawl space out team will be on the lookout for mold, moisture, or mildew presence. We will also check out if there is a presence of animals such as rodents and other pests. In cases of rodents’ infestation, we will advise to offer you our rodent extermination and proofing services since waste from rodents and other pastes can be harmful if inhaled. 

There are cases where we will have to remove standing water and fix the area that allows water into the crawl space. Standing water can attract insects and other pests in your living area. We may add an additional drainage to solve this problem because it is a sign of improper drainage also. 

Our alert team can also fix poor insulation in the crawl space as well as replace damaged insulations. Damaged wiring will also be fixed. You will need professional services from Pro Attic since such damages will need people who understand how to solve them. Before cleanup, we will have to do an inspection to ascertain the issues that need our attention 

We also offer other services such as:

hvac technician working capacitor part condensing unit male worker repairman uniform repairing adjusting conditioning system diagnosing looking technical issues


cleaning tools

Crawl space

Rodent proofing ProAttic


dirty dust filter vacuum cleaner filter


cleaning air conditioner dirty filter

Dryer vent

cleaning air dust

Air Duct

workers are mounting plasterboard ceiling

Radiant barrier

Attic insulation


ventilation cleaning specialist work repair ventilation system

Air duct cleaning

building frame wooden house inside frame boards flooring vapor barrier walls

Vapor barrier


My energy bills have reduced dramatically since I hired Pro Attic to help me insulate my attic to conserve energy in my house.

Paul Smith

They upgraded the filtration system to accommodate air filters with near-HEPA performance. I feel good to know that not only are my air ducts clean now

Martha Hoax

If cleaning the crawl space seems like a tough task, ensure you ask for help. Our professionals are available in Humble. We have all equipment required and are trained to give your crawl space the desired cleaning. Also, we can repair any issues that we may encounter when cleaning your crawl space.