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Most of us have often found ourselves in the middle of a battle against rodents. Our wish is that we prevent an infestation from ever happening. Rodent proofing done by Pro Attic is essential to protecting your home. In Katy area, rodent populations can increase in conditions that allow easy access to food and shelter. Pro Attic has come up with ways of reducing or eliminating the conditions that invite rodent infestations.

Below are some simple steps we take to stop rodents from making your home theirs.

Check your storage

We know how easy it is to forget about the food and items you keep stored away. However, mice are alert about them. Pro Attic will see to it that your cupboards and other storage areas are properly ordered and inspected. Mice and other rodents can chew through almost anything, including plastic and wood. Therefore, they can do a lot of structural damage to your home. We will inspect the storage areas and repair all damages by sealing all breakages for you.


Seal your house

One of the best ways to control rodents is to make it unmanageable for them to advance entry to your home. It can be hard to eliminate mice totally since they can pass through ¼-inch openings approximately. Also, Rats can squeeze through ½-inch openings. We will inspect and repair these common rodent access points to keep them out of your home.
Our team will lock all holes and entry points after checking your home’s foundation and walls for places mice and rodents can enter. We have all the masonry repair materials for foundation cracks, stuff steel wool or metal mesh that can seal gaps around pipe entrances and fill cracks.

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Outdoor cleaning

Rodents find hiding and breeding grounds in thickets and bushes around your home. When you reach out to Pro Attic for proofing services, we will clean your outdoor area by first mowing the lawn to prevent hiding spots. We will also trim overgrown vegetation until ground underneath is visible.

If there are trees with seeds, we will clean up dropped seeds from bird feeders and pick up any fruit that has fallen from trees in your yard. Our team will recommend removing all debris and dirt from your compound. This will include stone piles and old unused equipment. For homes with firewood, we would store them off the ground and away from the house.

Other repairs

Pro Attic will repair all cracks and gaps from the foundation, walls, and basements. All gaps and cracks around doors and window frames will also be sealed. We will also caulk holes around pipes that lead to appliances. Any open insulation that mice may use as nesting will also be covered.


Other than rodent proofing exercise, we also do the following:

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cleaning tools

Crawl space

Rodent proofing ProAttic


dirty dust filter vacuum cleaner filter


cleaning air conditioner dirty filter

Dryer vent

cleaning air dust

Air Duct

workers are mounting plasterboard ceiling

Radiant barrier

Attic insulation


ventilation cleaning specialist work repair ventilation system

Air duct cleaning

building frame wooden house inside frame boards flooring vapor barrier walls

Vapor barrier


My energy bills have reduced dramatically since I hired Pro Attic to help me insulate my attic to conserve energy in my house.

Paul Smith

They upgraded the filtration system to accommodate air filters with near-HEPA performance. I feel good to know that not only are my air ducts clean now

Martha Hoax

For residents of Katy, we are always available to respond to all the queries regarding rodent proofing. We, therefore, call upon you to call us today for exemplary services.