Want to replace your air ducts? Let Pro Attic take care of your air duct and HVAC replacement in the Houston area.

Every homeowner knows the comfort of having a well-regulated and quality heating and air throughout your home. Nothing refreshes like that clean cooled air from the AC system to beat the Texas heat. It is what makes your house a home and keeps your family healthy. A functional air duct system ensures efficient air flow through the HVAC system in your home. This is done by distributing air from the central fan system to all areas in your home.

Well, I know most of us have a clue of how to turn on and off the air conditioner. Whatever goes behind the air conditioning system is none of your business. But are you sure about that?

How will you know that it’s time to replace your air ducts?

Have your utility bills have been on the rise? Or are you experiencing air quality problems, and some rooms in your home don’t seem to benefit from perfect heating and cooling? Then it would help if you had the air ducts and your heating and cooling system checked.

Pro Attic is an expert in inspecting your air ducts and determining whether you just need cleaning and repair services or a total duct replacement and duct installation. Our duct services and air duct cleaning are generally the cure for what is causing your issues. If it turns out that you need further HVAC services, we can handle that as well.

Now, let’s break this down.

What could warrant replacement? If your ducts have cracks or tears on your ducts, they could be losing good conditioned air that cools your home to the attic and pulling in dirty, hot, and contaminated air into your home.

Houston Air Duct Replacement, Cleaning and Inspections
Houston Duct Replacement and air ducts cleaning

Process of replacing the air ducts.

Here are the methods that we will use for air duct repair.

Assemble tools and materials.

If we settle on replacement, we will use tools such as hammers, saws, scissors and measuring tapes. Some of the materials needed here include duct tape, aluminum tape, metal vent, boards, insulated duct boards, and mastic adhesive cement, among others.


Replacing the existing air duct with a new one.

We will then proceed and measure airflow to each room, determine the best design and size for your ducts. We will then remove the existing duct work and then run the new duct work. We will use the plastic ties to seal the new duct. They will be placed after every few feet to hold the entire length of the duct.

Replacement air Ducts Houston

Sealing the gaps.

The last step will be to air seal the gaps between the floor and the frame. We will cut another board in a size that will fit in both sides of the frame to avoid leaks and restore energy conservation. In other cases, we will propose sealing the vent with adhesive cement. We will then paint it hence ensure there is no escape of air in and from the vents.

Why us?

If you are in Houston, TX, we are close to home. But there is more:

Quick Response

You don’t have to wait on the line hours on end. We are available to serve you 24/7/365. Our team will swing into action and fix your problem immediately. Our uniformed technicians always arrive at sites on time. We have done thousands of repair, cleaning, and replacement projects. So, our experience is one of a top-notch. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.


We understand how important your home is to you. We will treat it with integrity and dignity that it deserves, like it is our own. Our team is well trained and trustworthy. We won’t steal from you, damage your property, or lie to you. And yes, we are certified and licensed.


You can be sure to get the best quality service in Houston and the surrounding market. How? The equipment we use is of advanced technology, the chemicals we use are robust, efficient, and damage-free, and our team is skilled, trained, and qualified to meet your needs. With these, you are assured of indoor air quality, and more at Pro Attic cleaning services.