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Why Pro Attic should install a vapor barrier?

The goal of vapor barrier installation is to prevent moisture from collecting and destroying building materials. A poorly installed vapor barrier may trap moisture inside a wall. Seemingly, walls that is more porous can breathe effectively and be less susceptible to long-term moisture problems. The problem arises when the vapor barriers are installed on inside and outside wall surfaces. So, the wall cannot breathe at all.

Pro Attic are experts in selecting the mode of fixing a vapor barrier in your home. You will need an expert’s opinion because the recommended vapor barrier in a home or office in a humid southern climate constructed with brick differs greatly from designed vapor barrier in a cold climate in a home built with wood siding.

Areas where barriers are installed

We can use a polyethylene plastic vapor barriers between insulation and interior wall board in areas of cold climate. We ensure that all air gaps into any wall and ceiling cavities are blocked. The exterior face of the wall or floor cavity remains permeable so as to allow dissipation of any moisture that might enter the wall cavity.

An exterior vapor barrier can be installed in a hot and humid climate to keep the outside humidity from penetrating into the walls. We can also recommend a vapor barrier against the concrete surface since below-grade walls and floor slabs transmit ground moisture through concrete walls or slabs. For crawl spaces a polyethylene moisture barrier is recommended. We can place them directly over the exposed earth.

How we install the vapor barrier.

First we have to ensure that your buildings meets standards for proper ventilation before sealing them with complete vapor barriers. Modern homes that are tightly sealed for energy efficiency should also have air-to-air heat exchangers or other methods of ensuring a good exchange of fresh air

We will install vapor barriers on the side of the wall that experiences the hotter temperature and moister conditions. For other spaces, we will recommend oil-based paints or vapor-barrier latex paints as an effective moisture barrier.

We will also seal all wall cracks and holes in the walls being vapor-proofed. This will block air gaps. We have equipment needed such as a special sealing tape to join sheets of the polyethylene sheets being used. Our team ensures complete air blockage to provide a suitable moisture barrier and maximize your wall’s energy efficiency.

For spaces around electrical boxes at outlets, switches, or ceiling light fixtures, we use acoustic spray-foam sealant or sealant tape. 

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My energy bills have reduced dramatically since I hired Pro Attic to help me insulate my attic to conserve energy in my house.

Paul Smith

They upgraded the filtration system to accommodate air filters with near-HEPA performance. I feel good to know that not only are my air ducts clean now

Martha Hoax

At Pro Attic, we are dedicated to working with you and your budget to assess the best vapor barrier insulation services. Our expert team of installers knows how to do exemplary services to the satisfaction of our clients.