Attic Cleaning

It is of extreme importance to consider a couple of factors before insulating your home, such as the climate, budget, and home design. Good ventilation will help with energy efficiency and control the moisture of your attic and reduce the cooling bills in the summer.

Most importantly, insulating your home can cost you a lot of money, but this is surely one of the best investments you can make. As a result the temperature of your home will be consistent, and your bills won’t go sky high with the changing seasons. Call Pro Attic to receive a free estimate by our professional consultants today!

Attic Cleaning Services Houston

We will clean all debris & dirt from your attic and attic insulation. If there are rodents, we will humanely extract them from your property. All feces or carcasses will also be removed, followed by sanitizing the area from urine and pheromones. We’ll also treat for mites and parasites.

attic cleaning and debris removal services
attic inspection

Houston Attic Inspection Services

We will inspect the exterior and interior of the attic, including the roof, vents & electrical wires, to find out what condition it is and what specific cleanup service or attic restoration it requires.


Take Back Control

The work is not complete until we’ve solved the source of the problem. Sealing the entry holes with professional grade repairs and methods will ensure the rodents and other animals won’t make your attic their home again.

Attic cleaning and pest control