The need for a good quality of air in your home or office is undisputed. Nobody wants to stay in a room with bad odor!

In some cases your air could be contaminated with dust, chemical substances or pollutants that could expose you, your family or workmates to risky health conditions like asthma, allergies or even corrode your lungs.

How can you tell if your air is contaminated? You can’t, really. This is because most of what we inhale is invisible and sometimes, just because you don’t have any complaints doesn’t mean you are safe. The best solution is to use the services of professional, certified air quality Inspectors like the ones we have here at Pro Attic.

If you are worried about the quality of air in your house, let us restore your peace of mind by testing your air quality and advising you on any steps you need to take. Our team of experts is equipped with the best air quality inspection tools, and will gladly help you identify if there are allergens, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, combustible gases,

Houston Air Quality Inspection
Houston Home Air ducts Inspection

Formaldehyde, mold spores or volatile organic compounds and particles. This information will help you and your family stay protected from harmful health effects and fix any ventilation problems or sources exposing you to them.

Most air quality inspection services are expensive, but at Pro Attic have put together a package that is budget-friendly and still delivers beyond expectations. Our team is qualified and uses the latest air quality inspection equipment, so we won’t miss any contamination.

If you have been experiencing frequent runny nose, flu, colds, fever, shortness of breath, pneumonia, stuffy noses or your lungs having a heavy feeling, our services will help you determine why!

Contact us now, for the best, most affordable and user friendly air quality inspection!