Mold Removal Companies in Houston

Mold loves humid and wet places. No wonder your house can fall prey. Do you think there is mold in your house? If you have seen it or just felt the smell in the air, call Pro Attic to take care of that as soon as possible! we will inspect your home to identify where the mold is and deal with it accordingly.

At Pro Attic, we know that mold can pose health risks to your family and break down your property causing them to wear it quickly. This is why we carry the best tools and a team of professionals that is specialized in mold remediation.

How do you know it is time to call Pro Attic for your mold remediation? A few signs you may need professional assistance:

  • You see dark patches on your ceiling, walls or floors;
  • There is musty smell and mildew in the air;
  • Glass & metal surfaces seem wet from condensing moisture;
  • People in your household start sneezing, coughing or having difficulties breathing;
Houston Mold and mildew Repair
Houston Mold and Mildew removal and inspection

These signs can come in any order but as soon as you spot one, pick up the phone and contact us!

Pro Attic uses the best mold remediation techniques, meaning that the quality of services we offer is top notch. Don’t be tempted to remove mold yourself! You can cause damage to your property and expose yourself to health risks. Try Pro Attic mold remediation services and you will not be disappointed!