Pro Attic HVAC Cleaning in Houston, TX

Pro Attic prides itself in providing the best cleaning and restoration services in the Houston, TX area. We don’t just stop there; when it comes to fabrication, installation, cleaning and repair services, we meet all requirements certified by the state’s regulator.


Did you know that you could be wasting a lot of money on your energy bill due to a poor ventilation and air duct system? 

Each time you HVAC has issues, it will use a lot of energy to function efficiently and the result will be high utility bills. Additionally, the indoor air quality of your home could be compromised. If you hate stuffiness or have children, pets and old people in your home – you need to have that checked. Continuous circulation of toxins, dust, substances and other contaminants in your home can pose health risks like asthma and allergies. No worries though – Pro Attic can take care of that.

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We will use the best HVAC cleaning tools to scrape off any mold and remove excess dust and debris that could be slowing down your HVAC system and leave it professionally cleaned and running at its best. A clean system will give you quality air, reduced bills and a healthy household.

What if your home doesn’t have that? Leave that to Pro Attic. We will combine industry grade HVAC installation solutions, and a talented, skilled team to pull off the best and most efficient HVAC projects in your home or office.

Whether it is furnace installation, central air conditioner installation or heating and cooling system installation, we will meet and exceed your expectations within your budget.

Remember, choosing Pro Attic’s HVAC cleaning and installation services will guarantee a long term solution to ventilation problems, a team that is friendly and puts customer service first and the best equipment in the market. You will not have to worry about paying for repair services over and over again and your environment and air flow will be perfect.

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