5 Questions you need to ask your insulation company

Having someone to work on your home may be troubling and worrisome in any condition, but dealing with issues of insulation has much deeper possible consequences than what meets the eye. Moreover, the importance of proper insulation is highly important, for maintaining the house, prolonging its life span, and ensure the safety of its inhabitants,

This is why insulators, as many other professionals, require the proper qualification at the beginning of their career, as well as constant follow-ups to be up-to-date with the latest technologies and regulations.

To ensure you work with the most adequate professional, don’t hesitate to pose the following questions.

Licensing and years of experience

Insulation is a vast sphere with numerous techniques that requires specific licensing, so any insulation contractor is supposed to be able to provide the needed authorization and qualification to perform the task.

Warranty and guarantee

Any provider is required to know how well will his product or service perform eventually. Warranty is often connected to the materials’ the insulator work on, but the quality and precision of the work are equally important.

The warranty and guarantees are supposed to be listed on the work order you’re handed by the contractor, so always make sure that there’s a correlation between what was promised verbally and what’s written “officially”.

Explanation regarding the types of insulation provided

Any process can be walked through, and it’s understandable and required that all times. Giving a full account of what work will be done will help you to keep track and ensure that you’ll know what you will receive by the end of the process. The insulation or the cleaning process is conducted in different matters, different materials, and technologies, and you should feel confident every step of the way.

How long will the inspection take?

An inspection is a crucial part of the insulation service, without doing it properly and effectively, we cannot know the real state of the whole structure, hence being unable to provide adequate and suitable service. So, we can always tell you how long the inspection will take, and of course — provide you with the full report once it is completed.

Will you make additional improvements if necessary?

One of the problems in the industry is the need to admit that some services are better to be done by other professionals, or bring on additional service providers on board. Full transparency is important during this process, so always check out the companies that are value their customers, putting their interests first.

And on a more personal note — it is important for us that every one of our clients feels safe and confident when we’re working on their homes. So, we are open to any question you have before, during, or after providing you with our service.

Don’t hesitate to contact us regarding any matter you see fit!