Houston Air Duct System Maintenance

In this blog entry, the Houston, Texas air duct cleaning service and Houston water damage restoration service here at Proattic Houston will detail some expert, professional tips for HVAC system maintenance.

Cleaning HVAC Condensers and Heat Pumps

Condensers and heat pumps are often partially positioned outside, leading them to rapidly get dirty, which stresses out your HVAC system. Regularly clean your condensers and heat pumps to protect the internal mechanisms of your HVAC system. Try to make sure that very little – if not no – debris or dirt is present on your HVAC or AC pumps. You can even try to use a hose to spray off dirt from any present fins.

Regular HVAC System Inspection

It’s essential to schedule regular inspections from HVAC technicians to make sure that your HVAC system is ideally functioning. A professional HVAC inspection technician will make sure that fans, coils, and air filters are operating optimally, as well as dealing with any leaks or drain line issues. We recommend having your HVAC system inspected at least once a year.

Air Filter Inspections

The top reasons that HVAC repair teams are contacted are dirty air filters – which in turn cause air conditioners to broadly malfunction. By periodically changing your air filter, you can avoid this – allowing your heating or air conditioning systems to work with maximum functionality, lowering your energy bills, and saving you the money that you’d otherwise have to pay to a repair team. Once a month, inspect your air filter yourself to make sure it’s not too clogged or dirty – and if your family suffers from allergies, install an allergy-combating air filter.

Removing Obstructions from Outdoor HVAC Units

Outdoor components of HVAC systems are constantly exposed to the elements, which can cause serious damage and degradation over time – not to mention obstruction from leaves or branches from the outdoors which can interfere with airflow, or even mechanical damage fans. Make sure the outdoor components of your HVAC unit are free from any and all blockages. If you see an excess of leaves in the area, try to clear them, and if branches are protruding into your HVAC unit, trim them.

AC Drain Cleaning

Air conditioners work by removing mixture from your interior air. This moisture is meant to be pushed outside, but can rapidly accumulate inside drain lines. With regular use, dirt and dust can rapidly build up inside drain lines and clog them. Additionally, mold – and even algae – can accumulate within drain lines, causing severe clogs. Regularly clean your AC unit drain lines by removing the outer cover of your AC and cleaning off the line with a wet cloth. Make sure the drain line is fully dried after cleaning in order to reduce the risk of mold growing on / in it.