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Dangers of Dirty Air Ducts

In this blog entry, the professional Houston air duct cleaning experts here at ProAttic Houston will detail the various ways that dirty air ducts can cause issues within your household.

Worsening Effect on Health Conditions

If there’s anybody in your household with allergies to pollen, or asthma, you might notice that their symptoms worsen with dirty air ducts. Air ducts can trap dirty, pollutant-like particles like dust, dirt, or mold inside your home – lengthening respiratory attacks, and making them more frequent. When interior air quality is improved, you can be sure to notice changes in health conditions like asthma or allergies.

Respiratory Infections

If you notice someone in your household getting sick more regularly with symptoms like fevers, congestion, or headaches, it can be the result of upper respiratory infections. Dirty air ducts often cause upper respiratory infections in people with even the most robust immune systems. If dirty air ducts are allowed to remain dirty, it can even cause lower respiratory infections.

Stress and Dirt

Dirty air ducts cause contaminated air to recirculate over and over, causing deposits of silt and dirt to form on surfaces like windowpanes and within the air duct itself. It can be very difficult to clean these air ducts for the amatuer homeowner, causing lots of stress, as there will be a constant awareness of a kind of dirtiness within the house. Avoid this stress by having your air ducts cleaned on a more regular basis.

General Malaise

In homes with poor air quality, people’s immune systems are nearly constantly fighting off bacteria. This can stress your immune system out, making you feel deeply tired, sleepy, fatigued, and burdened with respiratory problems. You might find that if dirty air ducts are cleaned that you feel way less tired on a regular basis!

Itchy Skin

Dirty air ducts often harbor mildew and mold growth that cause air to be deeply unhealthy for  your skin and respiratory system. Monitor symptoms like itching, hives, eczema, acne, or other skin issues. It’s highly likely that if your HVAC or air duct systems are very dirty, that you’ll experience a major improvement in skin issues as soon as it’s cleaned.

If you are seeking to purify the air in your home, you will need to make sure three major steps are taken. First, it is critical to remove all sources of pollution that have gathered, from dust to hair. Then it is possible to purify the air itself, as well as increase the sources for ventilation.

Solutions to Dirty Air Duct

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