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Increasing Dryer Longevity

In this blog entry, the Houston dryer vent cleaning and Houston HVAC cleaning service experts here at ProAttic Houston will detail how long dryers usually last, and some useful tips for increasing dryer operation longevity.

How long do dryers last?

Dryers usually last between 10 and 15 years depending on how often it is used and how well it is maintained. You could say that on average, you can expect your dryer to last about 13 years long.

Dryer Longevity Tips

Dryer maintenance and solid dryer upkeep is even more important if you share a dryer with large family or roommates. This involves cleaning lint from dryer filters, and wiping down tumblers with alcohol disinfectant after large loads are dried. By wiping down the interior of the dryer tumbler you can also prevent residue left from dryer sheets from sticking to the inside of your dryer and interfering with its sensors and ability to properly dry. Keep in mind that proper dryer maintenance is much cheaper in the long run than having to replace a broken dryer.

Dryer Replacement

When considering repairing or replacing your dryer, it pays to be practical. If your dryer is well past middle age, it might end up being cheaper in the long run to purchase a new one. If it’s only a few years old, keep it! When deciding if buying a new dryer is worth it, weigh its pros and cons, its features and benefits, any energy benefits, potential electronic smart features, and increased load capacity.

What impacts dryer lifespan?

Lint can build up and interfere with dryer functionality. Lint has to be removed after every load of laundry. Make sure to also clean out lint from your duct vents. If you use your dryer regularly at high temperatures and don’t give it time to cool down, it can also wear down more rapidly over time. Clogged dryer vents also rapidly degrade dryer operation, and pose a serious danger as well.

Improving Dryer Lifespan

In order to increase dryer lifespan, divide laundry loads up by weight so that your dryer can work more effectively. Regularly keep your dryer clean from lint. If you’re noticing it’s taking too long to dry blankets, check to see if there’s any lint or if your dryer ducts need cleaning – you want to generally reduce how long or how hot your dryer loads are. We also recommend periodically air drying clothes in order to let your appliance rest in periods where it’s being used very heavily.