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Signs that Dryers Need to Be Cleaned

In this blog entry, the professional Houston dryer duct cleaning team here at ProAttic Houston will detail the main signs that indicate your dryers need to be cleaned.

Clothing is Damp

If your clothes are still very damp after a drying cycle, your vents will need to be cleaned. This is mostly seen with heavier materials and clothes like jeans, sweatshirts / sweatpants, and towels. Dryer vents are essential to making sure water is fully removed from clothing and released outdoors during the dyeing process. Moisture can cause water to pool up in dryer vents, building up and causing conditions ideal for the growth of mold or mildew.

Clothing or Dryer is Very Hot

If your clothing or dryers are extremely hot to the touch when the drying cycle is over, the dryer needs to be cleaned. Dryer vents can be a fire risk when they build up a ton of heat when lint is fully blocking airflow. The US Fire Administration estimates that there are 3,000 dryer fires reported each year, mostly caused by a lack of dryer vent cleaning and dryer lint removal.

Dryers Shut Off Early

When dryers shut off before they finish the drying cycle, it’s likely a sign of dryer build up. When dryer vents are clogged up with lint they have to work much harder, and stop operating as efficiently. Properly maintained dryer vents provide ideal performance, and can even increase your dryer lifespa, allowing you to enjoy a fully functioning dryer for mch, much longer.