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Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

Air Conditioners can last for years – operating at peak efficiency, and providing maximum comfort (and safety) – with regular maintenance. In this blog entry, the Houston air quality inspection service and Houston air duct cleaning service team here at Proattic Houston will provide some expert tips for Houston air conditioning maintenance.

Air Conditioner Fin Inspection

Most air conditioners have fins made of aluminum on their exterior that are used to keep the AC unit cool when it’s operating. Fins should be in ideal condition without deformity to ensure the long-lasting operation of your air conditioning unit. When debris from outside hits air conditioners, it can bend fins, damaging the compressor. We recommend ensuring at least a foot of clearance on all 4 sides of your AC unit. If your AC unit has bent fins, try using a hand brush to press it back into its original shape – and if they’re seriously bent, try using a blunt knife to put them back in the proper shape.

Changing AC Filters

The regularity of changing your AC filter should depend on how often you use the AC. If your AC unit is on for the majority of the year, make sure that you change the filters more than twice a year. Failing to change your AC filters can cause AC unit damage, and may result in having to pay for repairs. If you’re living in an area with poor air quality, you need to change your AC filters even more frequently.

Vibration Pad Inspection

Air conditioners often vibrate intensely when they are operating. Vibration pads mitigate this by lowering noise and vibrations through their position under the air conditioning unit. Vibration pads under air conditioners can shift out of place over time, which can cause the air conditioner to intensely vibrate. Contact a professional to readjust your air conditioning vibration pad rather than trying to do it yourself.

Clogged Evaporator Drains

Evaporator drains remove condensation that naturally accumulates when air conditioning is working. When air conditioning evaporator drains get clogged up, fluid will build up inside the AC unit, which in turn can cause issues like vapor blowing out. If it’s been a few months since your air conditioning unit was inspected – or you can’t remember when the last time it was cleaned – make sure to clean the drain line, or contact a professional HVAC system cleaning and repair service to have all aspects of the cleaning taken care of for you.